Reiki Therapy

How did I get into Reiki?

There are moments in life that feel un-explainable, supernatural, and just right bizarre. It all started in my adult life when I began to receive messages for events that had yet to occur. For both the passing of my Grandmother and my Nephew, there were clear signs I was hearing and seeing for which I tried to ignore. Following their deaths, something sparked inside me. I knew I could not change the events unfolding, but sought out ways to help heal myself and my family during those difficult times. Through Psychic Development and Reiki Therapy I came to understand that everyone has the ability to see, hear, and feel energies, it is only up to us if those energies are received. Reiki has strengthened my intuitive senses and I've come to understand that there is love and guidance are all around us, we just have to slow down and listen.

Traditional Japanese Reiki is spiritually translated meaning healing through force of energy that is guided by a Higher Intelligence or Wisdom. This life force energy can be channeled through one's hands with the intent to restore health and well being. This can include alignment of the Chakras, releasing stagnant energies, toxins, and restoring the Nervous, Endocrine, Circulatory Systems. Conversations around messages and bodily readings can be discussed afterwards with appropriate ways to continue self-healing. 

Reiki can help benefit:


Breech Presentation

Coping with pain during labor

Clearing fear based energy 

Clearing the mind and improving focus

Connecting with baby

Emotional stress

Improving blood pressure

Increasing energy


Releasing birth trauma

Relieving aches and pain 

Infant and pregnancy Loss  

Becoming more intuitive 



Most importantly...Peace of Mind.

Reiki can never cause harm and is beneficial in all circumstances. Reiki does not claim to prevent, treat, or cure any illness or disease. Reiki is a complimentary medicine but does not replace the care of your health care providers.