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You'll Never Forget Your First Birth-A Doula's Story

When I would attend local Doula Groups to network, connect, and share in each others challenges, and successes, I would often hear the phrase "You'll never forget your first birth". As a Doula, this couldn't be more true.

During your first experience as a Labor Doula, your senses are heightened, your intuition is stronger, and your perception is wiser. Without having any prior experience during birth, you are an open book, thirsty for the knowledge and experience that comes with the hard work of that first assisted birth. The enthusiasm you carry to your initial meeting, throughout the long hours of labor, and into the closing postpartum visit can create a confidence in both a new Mother and a new Doula.

In training, we learn so much about the postures, the comfort measures, breastfeeding, prenatal health, postnatal health, and everything in between. Little did I know, in the bigger picture, I would have a greater awareness for all life around me, a deeper appreciation for the generations of women before me, and an actualization that comes with personal growth. There were unintended changes that were occurring under the surface that would make ripple effects moving forward. After my first birth, I felt more calm in each moment, realizing that every situation and each person was just an opportunity to allow life itself to flow through me. It was as if the resistance, friction, and "stress" of life had all melted away (at least temporarily). I was able to see the greater purpose that had came through my service to another. To share a moment in time with Life itself.

The many books I've read, the birth stories I've heard, the research I've searched, all display the many benefits that a Doula can bring for a women in labor. And yet, here I am...The Doula...receiving all of the unspoken enhancements to my life, my spirituality, and my potential to give. I have secretly been transformed. Something I was never prepared for.

Yes- I believe those Doula's were right. I will never forget my first Birth as a Doula.