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Mindfulness and Motherhood

An Approach to Mental Health Postpartum

In Today's modern society, we often call it a "Man's world". Meaning that the strong will survive, those who conquer, who do all the things, and has all the things will somehow win at this thing we call 'life' and all others are left behind. However when we step away from the "Man's World" look at the feminine energy, or the Yin to our Yang, this is just not the case. For new mothers, everything slows down, energy goes inward, and true reflection begins. The household chores, the cooking, the caring for oneself, all slows down, or sometimes is put on a temporary hold all for this beautiful baby. The ultimate sacrifice for bringing in new life.

So what does going inward and doing less have to do with a Mother’s well being? According to the National Institute(s)of Health (NIH) postpartum anxiety and depression occur in 15% of all births. It’s easy to forget about Mental health, especially when you’ve got a newborn at home to care for. For most mother’s juggling busy schedules, home duties, older kids, and careers, a newborn baby leaves no time at all for oneself. Self-work then seems like ‘one more thing’. Nearly an impossible thing to do.

So what can a New mother do for herself?

Let's start with having a healthy Mindset...even in the chaos all other areas of health will follow. And the best part? It doesn't take any money or time...just practice.

My hope is that Mothers will appreciate and love the person they are beyond being a Mother. I’m not talking about careers or hobbies. I am talking about on a deep spiritual level, do you feel acceptance towards yourself, do you live in the present moment, are your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of yourself negative, positive or neutral? Or is there poor self talk, feelings of inadequacy, addictive behaviors and thoughts, or are you anxious about events that haven’t happened, or sadness towards events that have already passed?

Mental health and positive self talk is a process. It does not happen overnight, but is a practice. One that requires mindfulness, repetition, and energy. Give yourself Grace, Patience, and Kindness. You can not make mistakes, you can only take an opportunity to learn.